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We don’t take a cookie cutter approach to dog training. When we begin working together, we will design a specific program just for you and your dog. Plus, we get fast and lasting results after only one session.

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By entering your dog into one of our programs, your dog will be able to socialize with other dogs, as well as enter into social settings, including inside stores and restaurants, parks, plazas, and around schools where children walk, run ride bikes and make noise every day, and in other people’s homes and more.
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Common Dog Training Issues

Our obedience training includes SIT, DOWN, (STAY is implied on both), going to a PLACE, HEEL on and off the leash, COME when called, moving INSIDE and OUTSIDE through doors, KENNEL to enter the crate, LOAD into your vehicle, QUIET on command, LOOK SHARP (going to the bathroom on command) staying OFF inappropriate things, LEAVE IT to move away from areas / things and BREAK to have fun and just be a dog.

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

Client Testimonials

My dog just started his training here. His trainer is Jose and he has been doing a great job with him so far. He has been training for about a week now and you can tell a huge difference in his focus. My dog is a lot more responsive when we give him a command. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to him as a dog trainer. I love that our trainer has sent us videos of how my dogs is training is going so we can see what they are working on.

Karina Trevizo

Savannah does a great job working with Buster in our agility course. She really focuses on the details to help me become a better handler. Benny is an awesome obedient trainer. He tumed Buster into an excellent dog. The staff here is outstanding, and make it a point to develop relationships with both dogs and handlers. I highly recommend this organization

Bob Evans

Josh in San Diego was the trainer for my puppy Achilles he’s a pitbull German Shepard mix. | got the training so that Achilles could learn to interact better with my younger brother & so that he could be taken on car rides. He was very scared of cars and first and would try and sit in my lap while | drove. I’m very happy with the results my brother can now play with Achilles and even take him on walks while on his skateboard. He’s also now able to sit calmly in the back seat for car rides. | would recommend them to anyone in need of help with their dog.

Isabell Reyes

Diamond has been my dogs trainer and she is awesomel Very professional and nice! Only a little bit over a month and Stella is doing great with her behavior in public i’s amazing the difference in her. Would recommend her and this company to anyone in need of just an extra push and hand in getting your dog obedient and trained


Savannah is amazing, she is very knowledgeable and friendly. She always goes over what she has, taught our dog and how well he is progressing. We have already told some of our co-workers about the program and gave them some info as well. This program really works and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to train their dog,

Jacob Schouten

If your dog bites, jumps, doesn’t come when called and won’t listen to commands, Diamond is your gal! Diamond is my dog’s trainer and if i could give her more stars i would! My pup would lunge and bite at people’s faces. After 1 session with Diamond we saw improvement in our dog’s behavior. Now towards the end of our training sessions we have a completely different dog. I wasn’t sure if we could keep this ‘sweet puppy and we are her th family, obviously for the be aviors mentioned above. Make an investment in your dog and go with this training program. You won’t be disappointed. Ask for Diamond to be your trainer because she’s great!

Jade Johnson